Wildlife Biology

Texas Tech University Department of Natural Resources Management

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Wildlife Biology at Texas Tech University (TTU NRM)

About This Logo

"Wildlife managers balance human use of wildlife habitat and harvest of game species with the need to retain sufficient habitat and populations of wildlife species for future enjoyment. They also manage species which may not interact with humans directly but are essential for maintaining the health of an ecosystem and populations of more charismatic species. For example harvester ants are essential to the health of the iconic Texas Horned Lizard as a food source. Finally they help control species that damage human interests."

Logo artwork for Wildlife Biology is reflective of the ties between wildlife and habitat. The design features a northern pintail to represent game, and a toad to represent non-game. TTUNRM has a proven history of producing some of the best waterfowl/wetland scientists in the world. Bearing that legacy in mind, a stylized backdrop meant to represent the shoreline of a playa wetland - complete with grasses - seemed only fitting.