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Texas Tech University Department of Natural Resources Management

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Ranch Management at Texas Tech University (TTU NRM)

About This Logo

"The Ranch Management track provides students with knowledge of working ranches, including livestock production, wildlife and fishery management, forage and habitat management, and economic factors associated with ranching. It will prepare students for challenging careers as professional ranch managers. Ranch managers may work with interdisciplinary teams, absentee landowners, and consulting firms. "(source)

Logo artwork for Ranch Management is reflective of land that is properly balanced for economic pursuits and wildlife / habitat. The artwork uses a barn, road, and cow in the background to represent the presence of economic pursuit. In this case, livestock. The presence of wildlife and wildlife habitat amid a working livestock operation is represented via the silhouette of a bobwhite quail. Perched atop a fence in the foreground, the quail is framed by a backdrop of brush.