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Texas Tech University Department of Natural Resources Management

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Conservation Law Enforcement at Texas Tech University (TTU NRM)

About This Logo

Unlike the other five TTU NRM degree paths, the Conservation Law Enforcement degree path is specifically designed with Texas Parks and Wildlife to create competitive applicants for their game warden academy. In 1996, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) started requiring that incoming Conservation Law Enforcement Officers have a 4-year degree and indicated that they preferred new recruits that have a wildlife background. For students wishing to become game wardens, no other program in the state of Texas offers a bachelor's degree in Conservation Law Enforcement or any similar discipline. The 2+2 degree was created to provide students with the necessary natural history and wildlife management skills required for Conservation Law Enforcement Officers.

Logo artwork for Conservation Law Enforcement depicts an officer carefully observing their vast natural surroundings. Game Wardens protect natural resources, educate the public, and help preserve wildlife and wild places for generations to come.