TX Chapter of TWS

Establishing a Modern Identity

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The Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society

About This Logo

The logo for the Texas Chapter needed to represent several important concepts including game species (a nod to the organization's roots), non-game species (a wink to the organization's growth), regions of Texas as well as Texas as a whole, and the opportunities and community the organization affords its members.

Texas is immediately obvious thanks to its iconic silhouette. Game species are represented by a bobwhite quail, while non-game species are represented by a Texas horned lizard. Regions are loosely represented with the horned lizard placed in the more arid regions of the state and the quail placed in a more wooded / eastern location. Grasses are set alongside the lizard and trees between the two species. A night sky hints at a lyric known to any Texan...'the stars at night are big and bright.' Wildlife portraits extend beyond the edges of the state, much like the connections and opportunities the Chapter fosters for its members.