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Boone and Crockett Wildlife Conservation Program

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University of Montana Boone & Crockett Wildlife Conservation Program

About This Logo

Several important elements were requested for incorporation into this logo design - the ridgeline of the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch (where the program conducts research), an elk (symbolic of one of the many species the program studies), and an emphasis on education and policy. To achieve this, the ridgeline of the ranch was interpreted both as the pages of a book and as a mountain background for the central species. The thematic book - representative of education - is echoed in turning pages on the right side of the insignia. The bottom and left sides of the main design are finished to loosely echo a shield, representative of protection and policy. Several alternate versions of the logo - including inverted variations, emblem-only variations, and round variations - were drafted in addition to the primary format. Rendered in vector format, the logo was built to serve any application.