Llano River Field Station

Texas Tech University Center at Junction

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Llano River Field Station (TTU Center at Junction)

About This Logo

"The Llano River Field Station was established as part of TTU Center in Junction in June of 2002 to provide a laboratory and classroom environment for undergraduate and graduate students from numerous universities, institutes, and public schools. The Llano River Field Station encourages and supports research of local watershed and riparian habitats."

Logo artwork for the Llano River Field Station depicts a vermilion flycatcher perched in riverside grasses. A backdrop of mesa-esque hills (typical of Junction, Texas landscapes) forms the frame for the scene. Avian research and bird banding are among the diverse myriad of research, conservation, and educational activities conducted at the field station. The design is intended to show the habitat and surroundings afforded by the field station, and also highlights one of its more colorful (and frankly, on brand color-wise) feathered residents.