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The Department of Natural Resources Management is a community of students, educators, and researchers learning to face challenges and make wise choices about our environment. The goal of the department is to balance the current needs of people with sustainability or future availability of resources. Two iconic regional species - the pronghorn antelope and sandhill crane - were chosen to represent multiple facets of the department. Fisheries and conservation are loosely echoed by the presence of a shoreline while watershed is reflected in the sloping landscape.

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Aquatic & Fisheries Biology

Logo artwork for Aquatic and Fisheries Biology aims to highlight the heart of the degree path - preserving, protecting, restoring and understanding the health of aquatic habitats and food webs and conserving for sustainable use. These ideals are translated via a vignette designed to illustrate a typical underwater habitat.

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Conservation Law Enforcement

Unlike the other five TTU NRM degree paths, the Conservation Law Enforcement degree path is specifically designed with Texas Parks and Wildlife to create competitive applicants for their game warden academy. Logo artwork for Conservation Law Enforcement depicts an officer carefully observing their vast natural surroundings. Game Wardens protect natural resources, educate the public, and help preserve wildlife and wild places for generations to come.

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Conservation Science

Logo artwork for Conservation Science aims to highlight key themes associated with the degree path including the complex relationships present in food webs, the importance of habitat, endangered and threatened species, and the human element. A horned lizard was chosen due to its charismatic nature, and widely-known story. The vignette is designed to illustrate a threatened species in its habitat.

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Ranch Management

Logo artwork for Ranch Management is reflective of land that is properly balanced for economic pursuits and wildlife / habitat. The artwork uses a barn, road, and cow in the background to represent the presence of economic pursuit. In this case, livestock. The presence of wildlife and wildlife habitat amid a working livestock operation is represented via the silhouette of a bobwhite quail. Perched atop a fence in the foreground, the quail is framed by a backdrop of brush.

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Range Conservation

Logo artwork for Range Conservation aims to highlight the heart of the degree path, 'maintaining the health of range ecosystems so they can continue to be used for domestic or wildlife animal production and recreational opportunities.' These ideals are translated via a vignette designed to illustrate a landscape typical of properly managed rangeland.

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Wildlife Biology

Logo artwork for Wildlife Biology is reflective of the ties between wildlife and habitat. The design features a northern pintail to represent game, and a toad to represent non-game. TTUNRM has a proven history of producing some of the best waterfowl/wetland scientists in the world. Bearing that legacy in mind, a stylized backdrop meant to represent the shoreline of a playa wetland - complete with grasses - seemed only fitting.

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