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Sonora, Texas Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation

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Website Design

The website for the Sonora, Texas Chamber of commerce provides a wealth of information about the area including attractions, community resources, events, and more. Information is presented in an approachable and highly-intuitive way to provide visitors and locals quick access to the resources they need.

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Interpretive Kiosk Interface Design

With a goal of providing visitor information to tourists, visitors, and motorists, we partnered with the Sonora Economic Development Corporation to create an alluring visual interface for digital kiosks. Featuring local attractions, accommodations, dining options and more, the display attracts attention and provide a wealth of information in an intuitive way. A fixed-resolution site accomplishes the critical task of keeping information squarely within the confines of the dedicated kiosk display and helps users establish a known pattern for a broad spectrum of information, making it quick and easy to find relevant data. Attractive images were selected for the site and modal pop-ups help keep supporting information confined to the screen. Three interpretive kiosks were placed in Sonora, Texas - one each at the Road Ranger and Love's Truck Stops along Interstate 10, and one at the world-famous Caverns of Sonora.

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Ad Design

In their effort to recruit tourism to the area, the Sonora Chamber of Commerce runs travel and event ads in various publications including Texas Highways Magazine and the Texas State Travel Guide. Since 2015 we've helped design and create ads that are purposely extremely colorful and feature large graphics to help them stand out amid surrounding text and graphics.

Brochure Design

Brochures work hard for you, but only if they stand out from across the room. We believe in clean, attention-grabbing graphics that offer a pleasant reader experience. We worked with the Sonora Chamber of Commerce to create a booklet brochure highlighting a wide array of local attractions, dining options, and lodging options. Color blocking and appealing photos tie this friendly design together.

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