Quail-Tech Alliance

Texas Quail Conservation

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Quail-Tech Alliance

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Logo Design

Dedicated to quail research and education, The Quail-Tech Alliance requested a very specific style for their logo - collegiate. The final design features a 100% original illustration of a bobwhite rendered in a familiar mascot style with official university colors where applicable. A shield shape was chosen as a nod to the protective aspect of the organization and the surrounding ribbon echoes an infinity symbol. Three alternate versions of the logo - including single-color variations - were drafted in addition to the primary multi-colored shield insignia. Rendered in vector format, the logo was built to serve any application. Conveyed master files were streamlined for quick color changes if ever needed or required.

Apparel Design

With the logo for Quail-Tech complete, a tee shirt design was also requested and created. The custom artwork features bobwhite silhouettes incorporated into a Texas flag. Together the elements represent both subject and location.