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Power - Tronics

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Website Design

The website for Power-Tronics is designed with field techs in mind. It needed to be quick-loading, intuitive, and contain a wealth of product information in an easily accessible way. The site is industrial, modern and innovative, much like the company it represents.

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Logo Design

After 31 years in the industry, Power-Tronics requested a facelift for its company logo in 2020. The previous logo - consisting of a circle and lightning bolt - had served the company well for many years, but needed to be refreshed. We worked one-on-one with Power-Tronics to understand how the unique company may be represented visually. Ultimately we revised a sine wave concept supplied by the company and chose a clean but futuristic font, angling it all forward to represent growth and forward-thinking. The 'n' of the font quietly echoes the shape of the sine-wave.

Commemorative Logo Design

From humble beginnings and revolutionary ideas, Power-Tronics has grown to become an internationally-respected industry innovator. 2019 marked the 30 year anniversary for the company and was commemorated with a custom logo design. The anniversary logo for Power-Tronics makes use of clean, modern lines. To allow maximum application, four vector variations of the logo were drafted: 3D multi-color, 2D multi-color, 2D single-color, and a beveled metallic version.

Ad Design

Trade publications often consist of a wealth of information spread across crowded, non-cohesive pages. Black and white ad designs for Power-Tronics take this fact to heart and utilize the optical illusion of extra space (thanks to a white border) to help important information stand out in a crowded environment.

Brochure Design

Brochures work hard for you, but only if they stand out from across the room. We believe in clean, attention-grabbing graphics that attract and captivate an audience. We partnered with Power-Tronics to do exactly that in a way that would not only attract interest but also provide an informational platform for their wide-array of dependable and innovative products.

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Catalog Design

Designed for distribution at an international tradeshow, the catalog created for Power-Tronics is a 20 page showcase of products. The full-color catalog features completely custom design schemes throughout, as well as an appealing glossy cover. It doesn't stop at the design - we also helped coordinate print materials and printing. Not sure where to print? We can help with that too.

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