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Bees & Ammo

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Website Design

We're not above an opportunity to make a site just for fun. The website for Bees & Ammo serves absolutely no purpose other than to encourage a few laughs. That being said, it did receive the same level of design, attention to detail, and responsive coding as any number of our true business sites. Go ahead, click around - this one's full of surprises.

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Logo Design

The logo designed for Bees & Ammo is simple but memorable and incorporates both elements of the name via a honeycomb shape and a shell casing. The logo works well both in multi-color and single-color formats.

Apparel Design

With a logo as well-received as the one for Bees and Ammo, creating custom apparel was a no-brainer. In this case, a simple ball cap was developed to lend a bit of extra visibility to the brand.


Videography can be a powerful tool when it comes to sharing experiences integral to company or organization identity. We accompanied Bees and Ammo during a local bee removal to help them share their story. Footage was captured using a GoPro and edited carefully to create an accurate and interesting representation.

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