Project Type

Complete Campaign

Once upon a time four of Texas' most extraordinary show caves teamed up to provide a statewide tourism experience to their audience. We partnered with the Caverns of Sonora, Natural Bridge Caverns, Cave Without a Name, and Inner Space Caverns to create a cohesive campaign for their incentive-based program. Ultimately they'd need a logo, a travel poster, a 'passport', an informational website, and a tee-shirt. We proudly created all portions of the campaign, taking care to keep them cohesive.

Project Materials

What We Created


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Web Design


The website created for the Texas Cave Trail features a bright color palette, subtle theme-centric textures and backgrounds, interactive features (print a passport, sliding buttons) and a wealth of information laid out in an intuitive manner. Like the project itself, the site is meant to be fun.

Print Design

Rack Cards + Posters

We let retro travel posters inspire the entire Texas Cave Trail project and nowhere is that reflected quite as much as the print media. Project posters were drafted in 11"x17" and 11"x14" sizes and feature 100% custom vector artwork. A rack card is utilized as the program 'passport' and bears the TCT badge logo and more custom illustration on its reverse side. See the passports for yourself at the link.

Tee Shirt Design

Program Reward

An incentive-based program relies heavily on its reward to drive its goals. Those who visit all four caves on the Texas Cave Trail present their completed passport at the end of their journey in exchange for a tee emblazoned with the cave trail badge logo.

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Rita Frey, Owner/Designer
Eldorado, Texas