Project Type

Interpretive Kiosk Interface + Design

With a goal of providing visitor information to tourists, visitors, and motorists, we partnered with the Sonora Economic Development Corporation to create an alluring visual interface for digital kiosks. Featuring local attractions, accommodations, dining options and more, the display needed to be a mix of classic and new technology designed to attract attention and provide a wealth of information in an intuitive way.

Website Design

Custom Coding

When it comes to developing a user experience for the dedicated screen of an interpetive digital kiosk, a fixed-resolution site accomplishes the critical task of keeping information squarely within the confines of the display. The fixed-resolution site developed for the Energizing Sonora (TX) Tourism project helps users establish a known pattern for a broad spectrum of information, making it quick and easy to find relevant data. Attractive images were selected for the site and modal pop-ups help keep supporting information (about sections, map sections, photo galleries) confined to the screen. Two interpretive kiosks were placed in Sonora, Texas - one at the Road Ranger along Interstate 10 and one at the world-famous Caverns of Sonora. A third kiosk is tentatively scheduled.

Interface Design

Intuitive Presentation

A fixed-resolution site was specially designed to be displayed on the kiosks associated with Sonora Texas' visitor guide. The site design takes special care to present information for each section - Eaton Hill, the the Caverns of Soonora, local history, lodging, and dining - within a fixed window. Within each chapter, pop-up modal elements include 'about' sections and photo galleries. Throughout the site, visual patterns are closely followed to keep the resource cohesive and as intuitive as possible for users. Take a look at chapter-specific designs in the gallery below.

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Rita Frey, Owner/Designer
Eldorado, Texas