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Brochure Overhaul

Brochures work hard for you, but only if they stand out from across the room. We believe in clean, but attention-grabbing graphics that attract and captivate an audience. In 2017 we partnered with the world-famous Caverns of Sonora to re-imagine and re-design their existing brochure in a new and exciting way.

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Brochure Design

Caverns of Sonora

The new brochure design for the Caverns of Sonora features a graphic and photo-heavy design with information arranged thoughtfully. A double-gatefold was chosen to subtly mimic the experience of opening the doors to the caverns themselves.

Finishing Touches

Custom Illustration and Photography

The devil's in the details, or so the saying goes. To put the finishing touches on this brochure overhaul we created several custom illustrations including cave maps and crystal formation icons. We also found we had a need for a photo illustrating the experience of camping under wide-open, starry skies so - we created a composite image from one of our existing milky way photographs and took a custom night shot of lit tents.

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Rita Frey, Owner/Designer
Eldorado, Texas