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Just for Fun (Identity)

Sometimes a project comes around that's tough to say 'no' to. Especially when it involves two seemingly random interests like beekeeping and cartridge reloading. How to combine these two interests? As a purposefully purposeless site of course. We worked closely to develop copywriting and identity. In order to effectively coordinate the design for the site, a true logo was also created. Why a logo too? A logo can provide a solid link between your online and offline materials and provide better recognition for your brand or organization.

Project Materials

What We Created


Intuitive, Responsive, Custom. We build one-off sites around your content to make your website shine. Our sites respond beautifully to devices and browsers, ensuring a positive experience for viewers.


It's not a logo if it's not recognizable in black and white. We specialize in simple, custom-illustrated, highly-recognizable vector logos and logo variations that will serve you for years to come.

Web Design


We're not above an opportunity to make a site just for fun. The website for Bees & Ammo serves absolutely no purpose other than to encourage a few laughs. That being said, it did receive the same level of design, attention to detail, and responsive coding as any number of our true business sites. Go ahead, click around - this one's full of surprises.

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We'd love to hear from you as much as possible. Conversations are always welcome and quotes are always complimentary. Get in touch today to share your vision and let us help you bring those ideas to life. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Rita Frey, Owner/Designer
Eldorado, Texas